Pete Denboer

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Mr. Denboer’s career began in sales for a Philadelphia based company. After seeing significant growth in his business unit, he made an offer to buy- out the ownership. Peter then utilized his management experience to successfully build the company to a multi- million dollar business in the Tri-State area.

After selling his company, he started Avalanche Business Products. He took advantage of favorable market conditions and continued to expand his Life and Health insurance sales career. Through managing his own business and excelling as a trainer / manager, Peter helped grow numerous teams of licensed agents over the next 11 years, and continued to prove himself as an award winning producer.

When Peter first learned of Squash Compression technology, he immediately realized the opportunity that was in front of him. Through many hours of research, business planning, and necessary due diligence, Peter joined forces with the inventor of Squash Compression and embarked on a quest to take Squash Compression to the marketplace and realize their vision.