Mike Meadows

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Meadows is the inventor of Squash Compression’s technology. He has been developing software since his 5th grade teacher let him borrow her Osborne “laptop” over the summer break of 1987. He brings to the table an extensive and well-rounded background in management and technology.

Squash Compression is his seventh start-up, proving that his entrepreneurial spirit burns eternally. In between start-ups, Mr. Meadows has worked in such positions as Chief Software Architect, Data Architect, and Senior Consultant for innovative dot-com and Fortune 250 companies.

His never-ending goal is to continuously evolve this organization built on the core values that family is of fundamental importance, honesty is the best policy, trust has to be earned, and that a healthy balance must be found between life and work. That means sustaining and growing a culture that makes team members love coming to work and love going home, all while fostering innovation from within and providing exciting opportunities for career growth.